Partners and investors

We are currently looking for investment and partnership opportunities with like-minded funders, organizations, businessess and individuals. If you are ready to invest in the future of Indigenous women, please fill out one of the forms below!

Access to capital is “the” turning point in creating scalable and sustainable pathways.

For many Indigenous women, economic stability for our families, communities and Nations means having free and easy access to investment growth opportunities.

We believe continual access to capital leads to the creation of innovative and regenerative business ideas and healing opportunities for the world.

Our Year in Review

To help inform and sustain “right-relations” within our community of investors, partners and collaborators, we present the following affirmations:

  • Acknowledge the differences (and similarities) that exist between the dominant Western cultures way of conducting business and the various ways Indigenous peoples choose to conduct their sovereign affairs. We understand the inherent sovereignty Indigenous Peoples have to revive and strengthen their ways of economy and as an investor, funder, partner and/or collaborator I support these ways.   

  • Appreciate the work of the TFIIW team and supporting organizations. Recognizing the immense work that goes into breaking through catastrophic loads of systemic barriers put into place specifically to prohibit Indigenous existence and growth, we will remove any excessively time consuming and burdensome requests for information that we may have for the TFIIW team. We will be cognizant of opportunities to reduce, eliminate or redirect expenditures of time or resources that may arise through our partnership, so that TFIIW can continue focusing on what matters most – Indigenous women.

  • Furthermore, we understand that TFIIW will not jeopardize relationships within, or commitments to, their community(s) in order to meet the tasks or timelines that we as investors, funders, partners or collaborators may have from them. By becoming involved with the TFIIW team, we trust in their ability to deliver the commitments outlined and agreed upon within our respective contracts, and support their ability to serve both their communities and partnerships in the ways they see best fit to their circumstances.

As an investor you…


  • Recognize TFIIW’s most important obligation throughout every investor, funding and partner relationship is to support and create authentic pathways of opportunity for Indigenous women, families, communities and Nations while carrying forward and acting in alignment with Indigenous values of “right relations”. 

  • Understand that oftentimes, people who are not from Indigenous communities do not know exactly what is needed or viewed as most important from within Indigenous communities. Therefore, we understand that not every opportunity presented to TFIIW will be pursued.

  • Engage with the TFIIW team and its community of Indigenous entrepreneurs with mutual respect both personally and professionally. This includes being aware of and sensitive to cultural protocols, norms, and ways of conducting business that are specific to Indigenous ways of knowing and traditional customs. If we have questions, concerns, or are looking to understand how to be a better investor, funder, partner or collaborator, we ask.