Restoring regenerative communities through the advancement of Indigenous women.

We, as Indigenous women, are the primary breadwinners and economic drivers of our families and communities. We are a centering force, safeguarding culture, preserving language, and dynamically enhancing all aspects of life. We grow businesses twice as fast as anyone else and create lasting solutions to close racial and economic wealth gaps.

We believe in the ingenuity of Indigenous women.

We see entrepreneurship as a pathway to healing, safety, stability, self-determination, sovereignty and economic justice.

Our mission is to grow thriving, sustainable and equitable economic waterways through the investment of Indigenous women and their social enterprises.

Indigenous Entrepreneurs

Community Leaders

Partners and Investors

Our work is centered in the “5R’s of Rematriation”.

The 5 R’s of Rematriation are an underwriting framework that prioritizes the relationships a borrower has with its community to determine how to deploy capital in sustainable ways.

This revolutionary framework guides all access to capital work by Native Women Lead and The Future Is Indigenous Women. From the design to the decision-making process, power is upheld for Indigenous women.

The 5 R’s of Rematriation were co-created by Native Women Lead & Roanhorse Consulting, LLC.











By 2026 we aim to support over 3,000 Indigenous women.

Indigenous Women Supported
Tribal Nations Represented
Total Funds Invested

Many challenges exist for Indigenous women entrepreneurs.

Pay Inequities



Economic Exclusion

Historic & Systematic Oppression

Native Americans have the highest poverty rates (25.4%) among all minority groups.


Indigenous women make .60 cents to the dollar in comparison to white (non-Hispanic) male counterparts.

Because of this, and more, limited pathways currently exist for Indigenous women entrepreneurs to become investment ready.

To meet this need, we’ve created 4 Key Programmatic Strategies.

Capital Strategies

We focus on creating innovative ways to invest and support Native women through capital and resources. We do this by developing investment products derived from the lived experiences of our founders, creating access and talent waterways for Indigenous investment career building opportunities, increase the capital waterway to provide for more Indigenous women building their businesses, and increase capital agency to self-determine a dignified, safe life for Indigenous women and their families.

Community Table Building

We build community and power with and for Native women entrepreneurs at all levels. We offer in-person/virtual workshops, trainings, summits, events and activities curated to help entrepreneurs build their businesses, skill sets, networks, knowledge and wealth. We do this by providing a community for them to lean into and learn from. We hope these offerings continue to evolve to increase access and support to Indigenous women on their journies of economic empowerment and increased agency.

Circle of Support

We build upon, share and connect resources and trusted mentors to Indigenous entrepreneurs. We extend access to an Indigenously-tailored Business Marketing and Essentials course, 1:1 coaching, and provide mentorship opportunities and support where it’s needed the most. Our BME course teaches participants how to effectively conceptualize, plan and implement their business ideas and financial goals through hands-on learning experiences within a community of peers and mentors. 


We demonstrate & showcase the power of Indigenous women through multimedia collaborations across Turtle Island. We bring Indigenous narratives into the mainstream media by amplifying Indigenous excellence through honest, authentic and respectful storytelling practices. We collectively collaborate, record, document and share content highlighting the stories of Indigenous entrepreneurs, their families and the communities and organizations that support them! 

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